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Herbal Formulas

Circa 2500 BC, Chinese Emperor Shen Nung's, “Pen T’Sao,”cites 365 drugs (dried parts of medicinal plants), as well as roots and grasses, many of which are used today. Rhei rhisoma, camphor, Theae folium, Podophyllum, the great yellow gentian, ginseng, jimson weed, cinnamon bark, and ephedra are just some of hundreds of herbs in use by TCM practitioners.

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In every period of human civilization, and in each successive century the healing properties of nature's most powerful botanicals have been identified, studied, used, documented, upgraded, and passed to next generations of identified healers, in near every culture on the planet.


Today, this modern, powerful, natural medicine - overseen by Traditional Medicine practitioners with generations of knowledge-base, and libraries of notations offers consumers an enormously helpful, safe approach to healthier living.

In Eastern Medicine, the effects and benefits of these plant and mineral sourced medicines are foundational for improving and maintaining health.


Herbal powders can attend to specific health conditions -

even as each herb typically

has multiple benefits.

Client-specific herbs

are formulated 

after an in-person consultation

and/or treatment appointment with Ryan. 

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The World Health Organization 

estimates that 80 percent

of the world's cultures

presently use

herbal formulations

for at least one 

aspect of primary

health care.


The availability of potent herbals medicine, and specialized Chinese herbal formulations is as easy as a visit to Core Healing.


allow many clients to by-pass

some expensive, narcotic, or

otherwise undesirable

Pharmaceutical chemical effects - 

while also offering a wide array

of positive health changes

beyond effective care for the

targeted primary injury.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Medicine Benefits
Botanical Benefits

Core Healing Care Products Available in clinic

herbal formulations specific to each person, condition

Chinese medicine based pain patches

professional strength, third party tested supplements, nutraceuticals

organic, non-GMO children's supplement formulation, supplements

medical food strength smoothie/shake powders, collagens, proteins  

organic, non GMO, food grade topical skin ointments, creams, oils

natural, organic oral care

sinus/respiratory care

Chinese herb based shampoo, conditioner, specialty skin care products 

organic, plant based all- natural cleaning supplies

Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Supplements and Nutraceuticals
Store Products

As well as a full array of eastern traditional herbals, Core Healing stocks singular and multi-condition use supplements and nutraceuticals. Many are professional grade, and are best taken with advice from Ryan, your medical herb professional.


Please consider that where you purchase your supplements is

almost as important as what you buy.


 - health care products are often sold online at a sale price when near expiration production dates: meaning the potency might be significantly diminished, or damaged


 - medical grade products (quality of ingredients, quantity of product is superior to over the counter products), sometimes require stable temperatures for maximum potency.

- mass produced supplements are often stored in non-temperature controlled warehouses

for an unknown amount of time.










- with profit as the main motivator (versus health, results), many supplements are made with low quality, GMO-sourced ingredients from mass production farms, in doses lower than efficient 

- many OTC (over the counter) supplement products not only do not work, but can actually contain toxins that harm versus heal.


Know your product source, and your product-savvy practitioner.

Your health is priceless.


Core Healing products ship directly from the manufacturer (confirming authenticity),

quickly, via tracking, and at appropriate temperatures, (preserving potency).

Chosen by Ryan for their health promoting results, for each company's product research and testing reputation, for quality controls in manufacturing and potency - as well as company-to-community 'give back' efforts, Core Healing therapeutic and professional grade supplements, (5-10x more potent than consumer grade), are available at our clinic.


In additional to our in clinic care products, nutraceuticals and supplements,

Core Healing has developed a line of Alaskan made, plant based, organic, potent therapeutic grade all natural, whole-health care oral, transdermal, and spray products we call 


In Chinese medicine, Po refers to the soul of the body. Vigor.

Shen; mind and spirit. Science + use = magic Potions.


COVer PoShen

Oral encapsulated COVer's Multi pronged anti-viral approach:

  •  preventative (Prophylactic) and treatment formula.

         Pathogens never let get a foothold in the first place.

  •  multi pronged immune boosting properties

  •  strengthen the immune system

  •  make the immune system more resilient against pathogens 

  •  pro-inflammatory - the immune system and inflammation are so related

   that by strengthening the immune system you could be increasing inflammation in the system -

   which is where people can run into issues like the cytokine storm; the congestion of the inflammation.


COVer helps dissipate any congestion of inflammation in the system - which helps bring down any viral load if viral exposure has occurred. The anti-inflammation prong is the herbal anti-inflammatory properties of this formula.


COVer Formula is designed to treat organs exposed to the virus, now emerging as a long term health consideration. 

As the virus continues to mutate, so too do COVer formulas. Accordingly, we keep up on the latest professional studies, and update COVer accordingly.



COVER'S Multi pronged properties:

immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, mild circulation properties enhancing some the mild circulation to help

prevent clotting that can happen as a complication of the properties of COVID pathogens.


COVer's herbs are anti-viral with protective properties for the organs affected by COVID infection.

Anti-viral herbs help stop (specific to the COVID virus, ace-2 receptors that the COVID attaches to.

These herbs help block COVID from virus able to attach.

Find PoShens exclusively at our Core Healing,
and our online store at:
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Core Healing's Oral/Nootropic Natural Herbals: 
Pre PoShen: set/stabilize your mood,
start your engines for the day.
Go PoShen: fire/fuel the engines, (brain, heart, filtering organs, circulation...), repair at the cellular level, organs, brains, active anti-aging properties, ...pairs well with Pre PoShen. PoShens: PREMIUM Nootropic formulas.

Peace PoShen: daily chronic or acute anxiety/stress relief
Sleep PoShen: gentle, herbal, POTENT all natural sleep aid
Heart PoShen: repair, support your main engine
Plane Protect-Shen(Regular): treat and disperse toxins, fumes, travel associated health challenges.
Plane Protect-Shen:#2 helps with all our 
regular formula aids, plus dehydration, constipation. 
Topical/transdermal PoShen
products include:
deodorant, skin care, pain relief, lip balm, help for insomnia, relaxation, and
magnesium supplementation. 
Our spray PoShens:
Air & Surface Protect-Shen Spray
Magnesium Spray Supplement

Core Healing Classes
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