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Each person's therapy, appointment and

scheduling needs are unique. 

The number of treatment appointments

needed varies according to each client's

unique manifestation of injuries;

injury severity, lifestyle, and life demands. 

The treatment process is organic - meaning treatment plans evolve according to a client's individual progress.


Your intake conversation with Dr. Marshall helps discover and explore:

how and why you feel as you do - and what your unique needs are.

Your conversation, several simple

visual, and palpation diagnosis methods

help Dr. Marshall creates a treatment

plan unique to you. 


Discussing and discovering aspects of life and lifestyle that contribute to the health matter being addressed dramatically increases treatment success.

To save time 

New clients 

are encouraged to fill out Core Healing's detailed health intake forms in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Thank you for remembering to bring them with you.

Often Asked Questions

 Dr. Marshall combines Japanese and Chinese 

styles of acupuncture with medical Qigong techniques, 

to gently place sterile, delicately thin needles along circulation pathways.

This begins activation, support, and enhancement of your body's innate healing mechanisms.  


As a treatment unfolds, tensions release, and unwinding sensations move through the body. Dr. Marshall 'checks in' to see how you're feeling, adjusts needle placements, allowing you to return to what is quickly a bliss state - as endorphins (the feel good hormones) begin to flow .

Most clients

simply observe the calming

effects of treatment while relaxing

into a profound stillness - allowing the natural

healing wisdom of the body and mind to prosper. 

People with mind-body connection practices, and energy sensitive often

often feel the enhanced

energy and circulation sensations flowing through their body as "a deeply renewing state".


Dr. Marshall's work easily complements and strengthens conventional medical protocols, with additional benefits: the support of foundational health, which can curtail acute care need.


He has also developed unique applications of potent therapeutic methods to support each client's individual expression of health and vitality - to provide powerful healing results.


I'd never had acupuncture before. 

I felt very at ease due to his knowledge,

how gentle and relaxing a person he is. 


Ryan is an incredible acupuncturist 

I'd definitely recommend to others.

Excellent treatment and results.


                             - A.N.

 Clients Seek Core Healing

  • to promote and accelerate recovery

  • for a variety of health concerns, 

  • for complex and simple concerns

  • for non-responsive conditions

   to other types of treatment explored.


 Dr. Marshall is regularly referred  

 by other health care practitioners 

 familiar with his success in relieving 

 unusual, complex health issues

 unresponsive to other care types. 

The goal of treatment:  

  • relieve acute  

  • chronic pain

  • inflammation

  • resolve underlying conditions 

    that create or continue less than

    optimal health, and wellbeing.

I did my research.

Dr. Marshall has a solid

reputation for

successful treatment outcomes.


His clients and students are clearly

devoted to him and his

whole health approach.


Goals, Results of Treatment:

more permanently improved

mind-body health.

My son started seeing Ryan for

allergies and asthma.

So I saw Ryan, and noticed improvement 

with my recovery from Lyme's Disease.

My husband; for back problems, and our other son, for migraine headaches.


We've been to other acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine doctors - but they don't even come

close to what Dr. Marshall is

able to accomplish.

                                   - C. D.

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