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Core Healing

Eastern and Integrative Medicine

As news of the closing of Core Healing, the clinic, continues

to reach Dr. Marshall's longtime, cherished clientele -

we here at Core Healing thank you for your heartfelt

well wishes to Ryan, as he takes a well deserved,

much needed sabbatical.

After building a robust practice from 16 years of 12 hour days - treating

patients - who quickly became like family - clients for whom Ryan has

been doctor for every care need experienced - and from his many

workshops, retreats and devoted students - another wellness practice

Ryan offered for many years - this break was not an easy decision to make - but it is necessary.

IIt comes at a time the Alaskan landscape for acupuncturists has been rocky with multiple health insurance company changes causing enormous changes for practitioners...significant increases in paperwork required by the insurance companies - and significant extra time needed to fight for patients' health insurance rights, increased overhead costs, amongst others. Perhaps 40% of the acupuncturist community has either exited Alaska, switched to cash payment for treatment, while many practitioners have chosen to leave clinical practice altogether.
This is unfortunate for natural health care consumers - since we who were healed by Dr. Ryan's, and others' work, know the value of acupuncture, and all its branches of healing it provides.

Ryan's ever present code of discipline means he will continue self care practices, of being in service to creating and empowering health for others - but for him first at this time - concluding with completion of a second doctorate next year.

When the time is right, we hope to announce Dr. Marshall's return to practice - sharing his unique skills and powerful healing practices. 'Where' is another question that will be answered at that time.

Finally, Ryan is extremely touched by the tremendous outpouring of support he's received - including the nomination - by you - his clients, as this year's 'Alaska's Best Acupuncturist.'

Your votes have and will cast him in the winner's circle three years in a row as Core Healing, Alaska's Best Acupuncturist.
Apparently clients' plan to to cast him in this circle one last time - as a final thank you to him, via The Daily News "Best of Alaska" contest.

We've also noticed an increase in 5 star Google reviews. Gratitude!

We at Team Core Healing think these are perfect ways to say thank you and good-bye to a health care professional as devoted to being in service to you - as you are to him.

Ryan is deeply humbled by these last acts of thanks, and good-byes - and is so very thankful for all of you!
May you be blessed. May you be well.

Thank you,
                                                                                                                                                       - Core Healing, Dr. Ryan Marshall

Ryan Marshall, DACM, Dipl Ac, LAc

Dr. Ryan Marshall, DACM, Dipl. Ac, LAc

A Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,

Ryan Marshall began his Eastern Medicine

education in 1996.

He completed his undergraduate degree at Tulane

University, where he was honored to be a recipient 

of a Dean's Honor Scholarship. In 1996 he left his work

at Tulane's School of Medicine, and the Program for the Teaching and Assessment of

Clinical Skills, to pursue his study of Eastern medicine.

Ryan graduated with honors from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the degree of Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, becoming the 39th generation of Traditional Medicine Physicians.

He later received his Doctoral Degree from The Pacific College of Health and Science.

From his undergraduate to his doctoral degree, Dr. Marshall has a combined 11 academic years of education.

Additionally, he has spent the last 30 years developing expertise in mind body therapies, and additional clinical training, devoting thousands of hours to his abilities to help others,

including multiple trips to Asia to study natural healing methods.

In his early career, Dr. Marshall specialized in treating chronic pain and inflammation, practicing in orthopedic groups in Los Angeles. He served from 2003-2005 as Associate Dean at Yo San University, where he was also an instructor in the Clinical Skills and Acupuncture Departments.

Invited to Alaska in 2006, it was here he felt a strong resonance with the people, the mountains, the beauty - and began his Anchorage practice. 


In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Marshall is passionate about practicing and teaching Mind Body Therapies such as Tai Chi, meditation and Chi Gong - and sharing these time tested self- healing and balancing methods, so clients have tools to achieve greater levels of health, vitality and self- actualization. In addition to his community classes, Dr. Marshall is an instructor for Providence.

Dr. Marshall continues to deepen his training and development in both Asian and Western healing techniques.

Ryan has dedicated his life's work to others' improved and expanded health and wellbeing.


Since the inaugural award for Best Of Alaska for acupuncture, Dr. Marshall/Core Healing has been a consistent award winner - as voted by his loyal clients. 

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You can find Ryan at:

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